About The Delco Diamonds

Founded Fall 2004 by Jim Christy
March 29, 1957 – March 8, 2008

The Delco Diamonds Organization is committed to the development of competitive teams and players through positive reinforcement and fundamental training that will build confidence and positive attitudes in our players, allowing them to perform at an elite level.

We shall strive to develop within our players the ability of error recognition and self-correction. These experiences will provide our players an increased opportunity to secure positions on high school teams as well as provide them the potential to play at the collegiate level. Most importantly, all this will be done in a fashion that will generate a lifetime of fond, positive athletic memories.

They will always remember the times that they sparkled as a Diamond!

Our Goal

While all teams practice the physical fundamentals required to play softball, the Delco Diamond’s practices go beyond this. Our athletes will be schooled in all aspects of the game, learning the physical and mental fundamentals required to play Class A tournament softball. They will also develop a sense of pride, self-respect, integrity, and sportsmanship. These factors are inclusive and will co-exist when you are part of the Delco Diamond’s organization.

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